Sindhi Language and Literature

ڪتاب جو نالو Sindhi Language and Literature
ليکڪ Anwar Pirzado
ڇپائيندڙ سنڌي ٻوليءَ جو بااختيار ادارو
ISBN 978-969-9098-14-7
قيمت 100    روپيا
ڪتاب ڊائونلوڊ ڪريو  PDF  E-Pub
انگ اکر

1 January 2018    تي اپلوڊ ڪيو ويو    |     1225   ڀيرا پڙهيو ويو

    ڪتاب بابت

    “The Sindhi Language and Literature” is a brief account of the evolution of different literary genres of literature as well as research work conducted on Sindhi Language. The project was assigned to the renowned poet, writer and researcher Mr. Anwar Pirzado, about five years back. Although he had completed the script but could not finalize and send it to us due to his sudden and sad demise last year. We are thankful to his son Mr. Zarar Pirzado who, not only retrieved it from his father's computer but checked its proofs and gave it a final shape before sending it for publishing. Mr. Pirzado has tried to give a brief but comprehensive account of a vast treasure of Sindhi literature and language in English, which will help readers to have an idea of the development of the two in the last few centuries. It is hoped that this book would be appreciated by students and scholars alike